Realistic Sex Dolls Features

High quality wrist is not just a very advanced toy. Not only is he one of the most advanced masturbators in the world, contained within a body that is the size and weight of a person
High quality simulation software produced by our factory model using the latest environmental protection (TPE) material, will adopt unique advanced production process, make skin model surface soft and delicate, full of elasticity, make sense General skin with a soft, elastic and human feel and visual feeling. All materials comply with the National Health Safety Standard, which is harmless to humans and is environmentally friendly.

If any of the items are of interest to you, please let me know. In our trade with merchants from various countries, always respect the principle of equality and mutual benefit. It is our hope to promote, through joint efforts, trade and friendship for our mutual benefit.

Features and concept of silicone wrists
The characteristics of their wrists.
Made by specialist artists, each doll needs more than 100 hours of work:

– Assembly, verification, tightening and installation of articulated skeleton,
– Injection of our exclusive silicone,
– Extraction of the mold and finishing of the body.

It follows a long phase of finishing to give a perfect realism in all the anatomical details of the doll.

Then the wrists are carefully made up, we perform the manicure and the pubic hair is inserted one by one. Everything is created according to your requirements …

Thus made with passion, each doll is a unique creation and constitutes a true work of art.

The table of body / face compatibility allows you to select a doll with harmonious proportions, and can even choose several faces with the same body, thanks to an easy to use system.

Very soft touch
– highly enhanced retraction and stretching
– without smell
Hypo allergenic
– withstands moisture
– facilitates manipulations of the wrist
– without phthalate
– unparalleled user comfort
– highly realistic sensations.

The skeleton of our wrists is articulated like the human skeleton.
It has several points of articulation

body-1 Realistic Sex Dolls Features

hole-300x193 Realistic Sex Dolls Features

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