These dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. The experience is like having sex with a partner of the same size, but with the advantage of a view of her body during intercourse. It is very similar to the view that one would have during sex, but could not … until now.

Safe sex?

Sex is 100% safe. Our design limits of the vaginal walls within safe limits at all internal anatomy. There are no wires or sharp parts inside any of our wrists.


Yes, they are waterproof and do not absorb water. These are dolls TPE solid (airbags).

Heating the wrist?

Our dolls can be heated in a heating bath or warm blanket and retain heat for some time. It is not recommended to boil the wrist.

Anal, oral insertion?

Yes. All WM currently dolls come with anal and oral inputs.

Other body?

Yes, we are working on the inclusion of several other body types.

Watch out?

Caring for your wrist like a real woman. The joints are designed to flex in normal ways. Forcing them, and like a real woman – who break it. Never force anything in the wrong direction. Do not use anything other than water based lubricants! Avoid dragging on rough surfaces. It grows and heals skin, do not bite her nipples out and she’ll love you back. The main idea is to use common sense and that will last for years.


Cleaned before and after each use. We recommend maintenance in a breathable bag to prevent foreign bodies and dust. Use a mild soap and water and rinse your channel right every time and immediately.


The best way to store your is sit back on your memory foam with legs slightly apart and arms. Avoid laying heavy on her, like impressions could not be disappearing.

custom work?

Yes, we work.But habit every day we have a lot of work. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the present model.

Returns – What if I change my mind?

returns under any circumstances are not accepted. All sales are final. Due to the nature of sex toys, no refunds for any reason. You can cancel your order before starting work on his wrist, and there is a cancellation fee of 10%. * The work begins after compensation payments.

Long the wait?

Usually after receiving the payment order, we will end up dolls for you within 20 days.

Possibility is that your order could be ready before – if so, let us know

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